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Raising a perfect parent in the age of Instagram

Living with a flawed but confident parent may teach kids a little more about life than living with a perfect one

The Instagram algorithm has somehow figured out that I am a terrible parent and now all the parenting advice that’s coming my way is killing me. Until recently, I thought I was faring well as a mother but in this age of post-Instagram parenting I am beginning to realise that not only am I inept at it, I also have the psychological profile of a toddler.

Suddenly, from self-appointed life coaches to psychologists and spiritualists, everybody has something to say on the subject of raising perfect children. All these words of wisdom might help a new parent but to someone like me, who is done raising teenagers, these posts spell doom. Aren’t you supposed to feel confident as a parent, aren’t you supposed to cultivate positive self-talk, aren’t you supposed to embrace your foibles because you are only human and you are designed to make mistakes?

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