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Love in the Time of Affluenza: At the Heart of It, the Story is the Key (The Dispatch)

SHUNALI KHULLAR SHROFF is a Mumbai-based writer and writes regularly for publications including Conde Nast Traveller and HT Brunch. She has recently come out with the book “Love in the Time of Affluenza”, published by Bloomsbury India, which is a witty take on the lives of the Mumbai rich, and has been described as “a sparkling comedy about love, marriage and making that Valentino gown fit after motherhood”. With fabulous reviews pouring in for the book, CHIRDEEP MALHOTRA connected with the author to know more about her and her latest book.

I used to keep an awful diary that my father had insisted I write when I was a kid. And my mother used to kill my joy by asking me to write essays during my holidays. Reading was my greatest pleasure and escape, and I think it was the same for most kids of my generation…..

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