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Of Poses and Hashtags: Travelling Has Changed Since Instagram Took Over (HT Brunch)

How travelling changed after Instagram took over

As tourists roam the world selfie sticks in hand, journeys becomes the casualty

A young Asian girl in a crisp white organza bridal dress is precariously perched on an extraordinarily white wall with cascading cave houses and a striking blue dome in the background. A man in a black tuxedo, after regarding himself in a hand-held mirror, joins her and takes instructions from the professional photographer directing the shoot. The couple hold each other in a passionate embrace, with her eyes half-closed and the elaborate ruffles of her dress flowing gently with the wind and merging with the white wall of Oia in Santorini.

This pair is one of the many already married or engaged couples who have chosen to pose for their wedding photos in Greece, I am told by the hotel concierge later. The photoshoot has little to do with their real wedding but that minor detail is of no consequence. Nor is Santorini, except that it makes for a good background in romantic photographs on social media.

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