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What Going to the Gym Taught Me About Being Human (DailyO)

There is only so long that one can hold off the appeal of taut arms and a core that isn’t only made of flubber, especially when one’s BFF has them both….

I am not a person with a proclivity for physical exertion. I do like to swim or take a walk on the promenade now and then, but those I count as leisurely activities. This gymming business has never held much fascination for me and even though I have had to submit myself to the machines to stay fit in the past, I find the process rather repulsive and a fair bit narcissistic on the whole.

Now narcissism, it used to be the turf of celebrities and movie stars alone until the last century. This isn’t to say that there weren’t other people who were not excessively preoccupied with themselves, there were of course, but they were quietly narcissistic. Their self-obsession wasn’t made apparent to you on a daily basis through different social media platforms. This century however belongs to the likes of Kardashian-Jenners.

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