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A Destination Wedding (Mauritius) (Conde Nast Traveller)

Dhoklas, drones and other ingredients that make up the modern shaadi

When the captain announces the plane’s descent, I do the usual thing of sticking my nose to the window and looking below. There seems to be a massive mossy green turtle floating about in the aquamarine blue waters of the ocean. The turtle, I realise, is Mauritius, the beautiful island embellishing the Indian Ocean, just off the Southeast coast of Africa.

“Bonjour madame. Is this your first time in Mauritius,” the avuncular immigration officer asks with a warm smile. It is. “I hope you like our country and visit again and again,” he says as he stamps my passport. As far as immigration officers go, this gentleman is, by far, the most welcoming one I ever met. Maybe he could teach our immigration staff back home in Mumbai a thing or two about congeniality.

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