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What If You Could Outsource Body Workout? (DailyO)

Body Workout

Why should we have to put ourselves through all the strain when someone can do it ‘for’ us?…..

Outer space does not fascinate me at all. In fact it terrifies me. I will never be that person who will sign up for an expedition to the Moon or Mars.

So deep-rooted has been my fear of intergalactic excursions that I have heard myself proclaim that I wouldn’t sign up for Richard Branson’s flight to moon on-board Virgin Galactic even if he were to offer me a free seat on it along with a mansion on Nikki Beach and a date with Bradley Cooper.

But lately, I am beginning to rethink such sweeping declarations in view of the issues I have with the gravitational pull of our planet Earth. I am growing to severely dislike gravity because of how quickly it is beginning to work on my (middle-ageing) body since the past few years. You can lie about your age all you want and pop vitamins to keep your body and soul together but this Earth, she is keeping count, every single year and using its gravitational force on you without discretion.

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