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India: From a Nation of Sex Maniacs to Virgins (DailyO)

How can we fail to comprehend that this government wants to raise a nation that is productive instead of being reproductive.….

In all the furore over the various bans being imposed upon us, we the citizens of India have failed to see the bigger picture. Do not for a minute be mistaken that these bans aren’t well thought out.

If you examine the nature of these bans, you will realise that they are not arbitrary and are only going to help control India’s ever expanding population, thereby ensuring us a more economically robust future.

Let’s consider the ban on beef. Any fool who understands the impact of food on the human body and mind will know that red meat, according to ayurveda, increases one’s sex drive. Increased libido leads to increased sexual desire that leads to sexual activity and eventually more children. By red flagging red meat the Maharashtra government has, in fact, done us a huge favour.

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