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Flying With Kids – The Dos and Don’ts (Conde Nast Traveller)

Flying with Kids

Shunali Khullar Shroff on navigating airports, boarding flights and staying sane when travelling with little ones 

Travelling with children comes with its perils. The younger they are, the more challenging the holiday. As much as travel expands your child’s mind, it can greatly contract your self-confidence as a parent, because it isn’t until you’ve let those tiny missiles loose inside a plane that your child-rearing skills become apparent.

Most people I know dread being seated within the hearing range of an Indian child (I specify Indian because our children are a class apart from any other race as far as decibel levels go.) I was one of those people too, before I became a hearty contributor to the cacophony in the air via my own two children. The experience of many memorable journeys, however, has taught me a thing or two about navigating airports, boarding flights and avoiding public embarrassment while travelling with children.